Book Launch

Journey to Parah

Book by Princess Dayo Odukoya

A journey can either be long or short, it can either be time bound or not. When a man sets out on a journey, there are lots of things you come across; it can either be good or bad. There are also different kinds of journey a man makes in a life time. It can be a physical journey, marital journey or a spiritual journey. Whichever journey a man wants to embark upon, you need strength to accomplish it. A journey can be full of stress or stress free and interestingly every man has one journey or the other to make in life and these journeys comes with diverse experiences and challenges.

Life itself is a journey not a destination. Everyone is created to embark on a journey of life which ends with a journey to eternity (heaven or hell). Journey is an act of traveling by a means from one distance to another. Man, as a creature has a part to play in the journey of life.

A journey might be straight or crooked, long, short, tedious or smooth. In all of these, what is most important is the destination. No matter how tedious, tense, long or crooked a journey is, it will surely end at a destination. It is also worth saying that this journey does not respect race, ethnicity, culture, gender or colour.

Life may not go as planned and you cannot know everything that will happen to you in the journey of life; there will be ups and downs, storms along the way, on this journey there are experiences to be gathered, lessons to be learnt and these are usually for a purpose. Some of the reasons or purposes could be to test your faith, develop your character, get you out of your comfort zone and strengthen you or to learn new things.

There is a saying that ‘Without test, there is no testimony’.

Parah is the product of real life challenge turned positive, using the pains and lessons to reach out to others facing the same; and thanks be to God who has created outstanding testimonies in the lives of many who have been touched by this sacrificial foundation. ‘Journey to Parah’


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